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Dental Implants and Ridge Augmentation

When a tooth or teeth have been missing for a long time, the bone which used to support the teeth deteriorates. If you are considering dental implants to replace the missing teeth, sometimes a ridge augmentation bone graft is needed prior to implant placement or post tooth removal to prepare the area for implants.

What is a ridge augmentation?

If you have recently had or will be having a tooth extracted, you may also undergo ridge augmentation. Ridge augmentation is a common dental procedure that occurs following a tooth extraction to prepare the area for dental implants. Ridge augmentation helps create natural gums and jaw that may have been lost during a tooth extraction. Rebuilding the area may be required for dental implant purposes. This procedure can also be done prior to implants, if teeth have been missing for some time.

How does ridge augmentation work?

When a tooth is removed, the empty socket usually heals on its own. Sometimes the bone around the socket breaks and is unable to heal on its own. Ridge augmentation is done by placing bone graft material in the tooth socket to replace the bone. It is often done immediately after the tooth is removed to avoid a second procedure happening later. Gum tissue is then placed over the bone to recreate the tooth socket. As the ridge augmentation bone graft heals, your tooth socket will mimic the ideal quality of bone to retain a dental implant.

I’m interested in dental implants. What are next steps?

If you are interested in dental implants or need a ridge augmentation, contact HM Oral Surgery today at 704-246-6557 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Mahgoub’s staff is trained in assisting patients with IV sedation and implants and can answer any questions you may have about implants or oral surgery.